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20% reduction available on Third Comintern Congress proceedings

November 12, 2015

To the Masses cover_1Haymarket Books is offering a 20% reduction on pre-publication orders for To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921. The Haymarket paperback edition of this 1,300-page documentary collection will ship in February 2016.

To order, go to To the Masses page at the Haymarket site and add the coupon code MASSES2015 at the bottom of the checkout page. Price after reduction: US$44.

The hardcover library edition can be ordered from Brill for US$517.

Here are comments on the book by two well-known socialist scholars:

Paul Le Blanc

“This massive volume is a precious gift for serious scholars and activists, bringing to life the voices and experiences of innumerable revolutionaries reaching for a better world in the early twentieth century.

“John Riddell’s accomplishment in making available the rich and remarkable proceedings of the Communist International’s first four congresses is difficult to measure – but it will be an enduring contribution for many years to come.”

– Paul Le Blanc, Toronto, author of Lenin: Revolution, Democracy, Socialism.

Greg Albo

“John Riddell continues with this volume his monumental retrieval of the socialist internationalism that emerged from the Russian Revolution in the period in which Lenin lived.

To The Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921 is a work of unusual importance — meticulous scholarship undergirds historical documentation that reshapes our understanding of socialist politics for today.

“In this volume, leaders of the working class movement, great and small, come alive as some of the most crucial developments of the early 1920s are debated by the international and Russian delegates — the catastrophic German ‘March action’ and suppression; the beginning rise of fascism; the struggles in an emergent North American union movement between the IWW and others; Trotsky’s ‘Report on the World Economic Crisis’; and much else.

This text is a contribution that no historian of the period can ignore, and political activists today can not help being guided by.

– Greg Albo, Dept. of Political Science, York University, Toronto.

For book description and other comments, see The contentious Third Comintern Congress: Library edition now available.

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