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December 15, 2023


The following speech was made by Suzanne Weiss at a  Defend Palestine rally held in Toronto’s City Hall Square on December 2, 2023. The rally was called by Toronto4Palestine.

Stop US/Israel resumption of genocide on Palestine!

* For an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
* Trudeau, end Canadian complicity in Israel’s genocide
* Lift the siege on Gaza – end the Occupation!

We gather here today in great distress because US/Israel has resumed their full-scale genocide of the Palestinian people. The Israeli government goal, as they have repeated stated, is to rid the land of the Palestinian people.

Shamefully, Israel is led and financed by the US government. And Canada is complicit.

Why is the US government bankrolling Israel with $3.8 billion per year and now $14.5 billion more for the genocide this year?

Is it because American big business seeks control of the Middle East to reap profits from the land’s natural resources such as oil, and natural gas? Are genocide Israel and the big business US working together, each for its own goals?

I am a survivor of another genocide. Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews in Europe. He had similar goals. It was to secure colonial conquests and to rid the land of Jewish people.

The Nazis were racists much like the Zionists of the Israeli government. My mother died in the death camp of Auschwitz. I was saved by the Jewish Resistance. Many individuals helped me with acts of kindness, and I was hidden by an entire community.

It was world solidarity that defeated the Nazis. Solidarity of the world’s peoples will also help liberate the Palestinians.

Now the genocide has resumed with bombardments equivalent to two nuclear bombs since October 7. Supplies have been cut off – electricity, fuel, medications, food, and water, to starve the Palestinians. Israeli bombs and rockets have killed close to twenty thousand.

What should we do?

We must redouble our efforts. We should organize peaceful disruptions, sit-ins, occupations and other projects that educate and are inclusive of the masses who wish to unite for Palestinian freedom.

We must end government, corporate, and institutional complicity with Israel’s 75-year-old regime of apartheid. We must give meaningful solidarity to stop Israel’s genocide.

We should support the campaign for world boycott, divestment and sanctions. BDS gives us examples of meaningful actions that can make a difference on apartheid Israel’s economy and have an impact on genocide Israel.

* Major trade unions in India, in Belgium, in Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey have called on workers to boycott Israel products and refuse to handle Israeli cargo.

* Trade unions in Canada have signed on the Canadian Cease Fire Now statement. They have more to do.

* In the US, the United Auto Workers, a very large union, have joined the call for ceasefire now.

We call on Canada to stand for peace and for the protection of fundamental freedoms. Muslims are suffering violent acts of hate in their neighborhoods because of the US/Israeli genocide.

They need our solidarity.

Israel claims to represent the Jewish people. That is a lie! Judaism is not Zionism. Criticism of Israel’s genocidal policies is deceitfully labeled anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. In fact, many demonstrations are led by the Jews who defend the Palestinians and their rights to share the land in equality, dignity, and peace.


We are all under attack by big business government and its institutions, including big business media. We are not safe to freely discuss or express opposing opinions on Israel’s genocidal policies. We are not able to freely say that we support Palestinian freedom without risk of losing jobs.

We must condemn this world-wide witch-hunt and identify it as part of the governmental attack on Palestinian freedom. Let’s meet it head on and insist on free discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. University students and faculty are leading the way. Many high-school students are participating. We demand:

* An immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.
* Trudeau, end Canadian complicity in Israel’s genocide.
* Lift the siege on Gaza – End the Occupation!

Palestinian freedom is our freedom. It is freedom for humanity!

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