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A Lars Lih bibliography

June 12, 2014

Lars T. Lih is among the most respected and widely read historians of Russian and revolutionary history. He has kindly provided the following record of his publications since 1986. Most of his web publications are grouped below under “Online Articles”; most of them are described on this website at Lars Lih Online and More Lars Lih Online – JR


Lars T. Lih

Lars T. Lih

Lenin (London: Reaktion Books, 2011) (part of series Critical Lives).

Co-editor, Zinoviev and Martov: Head to Head in Halle, Ben Lewis, co-editor (London: November Publications, 2011).

Lenin Rediscovered: What is to be Done? In Context (Leiden: Brill, 2006) (paperback edition by Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2009) (a German edition is being prepared by Laika Verlag, Hamburg).

Co-editor, The Stalin-Molotov Letters, 1925-1936, Oleg V. Naumov and Oleg Khlevniuk, Russian co-editors (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995) (part of the series Annals of Communism).

Bread and Authority in Russia, 1914-1921 (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1990) (part of series Studies in the History of Society and Culture, Victoria E. Bonnell and Lynn Hunt, eds.).


‘Deferred Dreams’: Forthcoming Collection of Articles on Post-Revolutionary Bolshevism

Note from Lars Lih: Over a period of about a decade, my primary research focus was various issues concerning the Bolshevik outlook after 1917. My first target was what I call “the myth of war communism” and the assertion that the Bolsheviks thought they were on the verge of a leap into communism in 1920, just prior to the introduction of NEP in 1921. But this polemical target led to many other topics, with the result that I discussed issues that cover the entire range of the Soviet experience. These articles have been scattered in various books and journals over the years, and are now often hard to track down.

Therefore, I am now preparing a collection entitled Deferred Dreams that will be published in the near future as part of the Historical Materialism book series. My hope is that, when these articles are read as a group, their overall impact will be greater than they appeared as single essays. I have listed the essays that will appear in Deferred Dreams in the following section.

I. Beginnings

1. “The Mystery of the ABC,” Slavic Review 56:1 (Spring 1997), 50-72.

2.   “Vlast from the Past,” Left History, 6:2 (Fall 1999), 29-52.

II. Policies

3.   “Grain Monopoly and Agricultural Transformation: Ideals and Necessities,” in Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution, eds. Edward Acton and William Rosenberg (London: Arnold, 1997), 621-32.

4. “Bolshevik Razverstka and War Communism,” Slavic Review, 45:4 (Winter 1986), 673-89.

5. Bolshevik Sowing Committees of 1920: Apotheosis of War Communism?, Carl Beck Paper No. 803, University of Pittsburgh Center for Russian and East European Studies, 1990.

III. Bolsheviks

6. “Zinoviev: Populist Leninist,” The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928, 2 (2008), 1-23.

7. “‘Our Position is in the Highest Degree Tragic’: Bolshevik ‘Euphoria’ in 1920,” in History and Revolution: Refuting Revisionism, Mike Haynes and Jim Wolfreys, eds. (London: Verso), 2007, 118-137 (on Trotsky).

8. “Stalin’s Anti-Bureaucratic Scenario” (introduction to The Stalin-Molotov Letters, 1925-1936 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995), 1-63.

IV. Bukharin and the Meaning of War Communism, NEP and the Stalin Era

9. “‘Inescapable Torments’: Bukharin’s Vision of the Russian Revolution” (previously unpublished).

10. “Political Testament of Lenin and Bukharin and the Meaning of NEP,” Slavic Review, 50:2 (Summer 1991), 241-52.

11. “Bukharin’s ‘Illusion’: War Communism and the Meaning of NEP,” Russian History 27:4 (Winter 2000), 417-460.

12. “Bukharin’s Philosophical Arabesques and the Stalin Era,” Science and Society, 73:1 (January 2009), 147-50.

V. The Longue durée

13. “Melodrama and the Myth of the Soviet Union,” in Imitations of Life: Two Centuries of Melodrama in Russia, Joan Neuberger and Louise McReynolds, eds. (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2002), 178-208.

14. “Perestroika’s Revival of NEP: A Contemporary Chronicle, 1985-1990,” The NEP Era: Soviet Russia 1921-1928, 3 (2009), 1-34.

15. “The Soviet Union and the Road to Communism,” in Cambridge History of Russia, Vol. III, The Twentieth Century, ed. Ron Suny (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 706-731.


Other Articles in Journals and Edited Collections

“Fully Armed: Kamenev and Pravda in March 1917” (2014, unpublished).

“Letter from Afar, Corrections from Up Close: Did the Petrograd Bolsheviks Censor Lenin?” (2014, unpublished).

“The Bolsheviks and October,” in The Wiley/Blackwell Companion to the Russian Revolution, Daniel Orlovsky, ed. (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley), forthcoming.

“Bringing Bolshevism Back to the Bolshevik Revolution: The Myth of the April Theses,” in Revolution from Below in 1917, ed. Chris Read (a Home Front volume in the Centennial Project Russia’s Great War and Revolution) (Bloomington, IN: Slavica), forthcoming.

“Marx’s Melodrama: The Class Struggle Trilogy,” Historical Materialism, forthcoming.

“Ordinary Miracles: Lenin’s Call for Revolutionary Ambition,” in Textual Moments in the History of Revolutionary Thought, ed. Rachel Hammersley (part of series Textual Moments in the History of Political Thought) (London: Bloomsbury Academic), forthcoming.

“‘A New Era of War and Revolution’: Lenin, Kautsky, Hegel and the Outbreak of World War I,” in Cataclysm 1914:The First World War and the Making of Modern World Politics, ed. Alexander Anievas (Historical Materialism series) (Leiden: Brill, 2014).

“Lenin and Bolshevism,” in The Oxford Handbook of the History of Communism, S. A. Smith, ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).

“Permanent Revolution: A Rejoinder,” Science & Society, Vol. 77, No. 3, July 2013, 416–427 (part of “Permanent Revolution: The Early 20th-Century Debate about Sustained Struggle, Consciousness, Class and Transformation,” 397-427 of the same issue, a symposium in response to my article “Democratic Revolution in Permanenz”).

“The Non-Geometric Elwood,” Canadian Slavonic Papers / Revue canadienne des slavistes 54:1–2 (March-June 2012), 185-213.

“Democratic Revolution in Permanenz,” Science and Society 76: 4 (October 2012), 433–462.

“The Ironic Triumph of Old Bolshevism: The Debates of April 1917 in Context,” Russian History 38 (2011), 199–242.

“Kautsky when he was a Marxist (Database of post-1914 comments by Lenin),” Historical Materialism (February 2011),

“Robert C. Tucker, 1918-2010,” co-authored with Stephen F. Cohen, Robert English, Michael Kraus and Robert Sharlet, Slavic Review 70:1 (Spring 2011), 242-245.

“Robert C. Tucker, 1918-2010,” The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928 4 (2010), 5-9.

“Lenin Disputed,” Historical Materialism 18:3 (2010), 108-74 (response to “Symposium on Lars Lih’s ‘Lenin Rediscovered’,” 25-107 of same issue).

“Lenin, Vladimir Il’ich and the Russian Revolution” in Encyclopedia of Political Theory, ed. Mark Bevir (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2009), 789-793.

“Lenin’s Aggressive Unoriginality, 1914-1916,” Socialist Studies: the Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies5:2 (Fall 2009), 90-112.

“Lenin and Kautsky, The Final Chapter,” International Socialist Review 59 (May-June, 2008),

“Decembrists to the Rise of Russian Marxism,” in International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, Immanuel Ness, ed., 2008.

“1905 and All That: The Revolution and Its Aftermath,” review essay in Kritika 8:4 (Fall 2007), 861-76.

“Marc Angenot, Jules Guesde, ou: Le Marxisme orthodoxe,” review essay in Kritika 7:4 (Fall 2006), 905-18.

“Lenin and the Great Awakening,” in Lenin Reloaded: Toward a Politics of Truth, Sebastian Budgen, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Slavoj Žižek, eds. (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2007), 283-96.

“How a Founding Document was Found, or One Hundred Years of Lenin’s What Is to be Done?,” Kritika 4:1 (Winter 2003), 1-45.

“Comment on Bertrand Patenaude’s ‘Peasants into Russians,’” Russian Review, 55:3 (1996), 494-6.

“The ABC of Communism,” Modern Encyclopedia of Russian and Soviet History, Supplement, ed. George Rhyne (1995), 5-9 (article on the 1919 book by Bukharin and Preobrazhensky).

“War Communism and Bolshevik Ideals,” Socialist Alternatives, 2:2 (1993), 17-42. (Socialist Alternatives is a journal published jointly in Canada and Russia; my article also appeared in the Russian language edition.)

“Breakdown and Reconstitution: Thinking about the Russian Revolution” (review essay), Problems of Communism, 39:2 (March-April 1990), 98-104.


On-Line Articles

“On Marxism and Melodrama: An Interview With Lars Lih,” The North Star (2 October 2013),

“Fortunes of a Formula: From Democratic Centralism to Democratic Centralism,” John Riddell: Marxist Essays and Commentary (14 April 2013),

“Further Fortunes of a Formula: Bogdanov and Zinoviev on Democratic Centralism,” Weekly Worker 972 (July 25, 2013),

“1912: ‘A faction is not a party’” (Part one of series “Bolshevism and the Party”), Weekly Worker 912 (3 May 2012),

“1917: How Lenin’s party became (Bolshevik)” (Part two of series “Bolshevism and the Party”), Weekly Worker 833 (17 May 2012),

“1920: Bolshevism and revolutionary social democracy” (Part three of series “Bolshevism and the Party”), Weekly Worker 917 (7 June 2012),

“Falling out over a Cliff,” Weekly Worker 901 (16 February 2012),

“Lenin, Kautsky and the ‘new era of revolutions’,” Weekly Worker 95 (22 December 1911),

“The book that didn’t bark (Introduction to Kautsky’s Republic and Social Democracy in France),” Weekly Worker 863 (28 April 2011),

“Kautsky, Lenin and the April Theses” (Introduction to Kautsky’s reaction to the February Revolution),” Weekly Worker 800 (4 January 2010),

“Light and air of political freedom,” Weekly Worker 833 (16 September 2010),

“‘We must dream!’: Echoes of What Is to Be Done? in Lenin’s later career,” Links (June 2010),

“Russia 1917 — Bolshevism was fully armed,”


Book Reviews

Kevin Callahan, Demonstration Culture: European Socialism and the Second International in International Newsletter of Communist Studies, vol. 19, No. 25 (2013).

V. Sapon, Filosofiia probudivshegosia cheloveka: Libertarizm v rossiiskoi levoradikalnoi ideologii; Ternovyi venets svobody: Libertarizm v ideologii i revoliustionnoi praktike rossiiskikh levykh radikalov (1917–1918 gg) (two books on libertarianism in Russian revolutionary thought) in Revolutionary Russia, 26:1 (2013), 71-3.

Andrea Graziosi, Histoire de l’URSS in Slavic Review 71:2 (Summer 2012), 460-461.

Stephen Cohen, Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War in The Montréal Review, January 2012 (

Paul R. Gregory, Terror by Quota: State Security from Lenin to Stalin (An Archival Study) in Slavic Review 69:2 (Summer 2010), 508.

DVD review of Bolt by Shostakovich and Ice and Steel by Vladimir Deshevov in The NEP Era: Soviet Russia, 1921-1928 3 (2009), 80-4.

Archie Brown, The Rise and Fall of Communism in The Nation Magazine, November 16, 2009, 34-40.

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