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Three panels on revolutionary history: Historical Materialism–Toronto, May 11–13

May 1, 2012

Historical Materialism Book Series has just published a complete translation of the proceedings and resolutions of the Communist International’s Fourth World Congress (1922).* To mark the occasion, Historical Materialism’s May 11–13 Toronto conference will feature three panels presenting new ‘translations’ of revolutionary history in the Communist International era.

The panels, organized by Abigail Bakan (Queen’s University), will take place in the Accolade West building, York University.

Historical Materialism offers 91 plenary and panel discussions on the general theme, “Spaces of Capital, Spaces of Resistance.” Reduced-rate registrations for Historical Materialism–Toronto will be accepted through May 5. Register now!

Here is the programme of the three panel discussions.


Three panel discussions on revolutionary history at the May 11-13 Historical Materialism Conference at York University, Toronto.

1. Organizing Globally: Translating the Comintern
Saturday, May 12, 9:30–11.00, Room 5
Sebastian Budgen, Chair

  • Daria Dyakonova, The Origins of the Communist Party of Canada in Quebec
  • Paul Kellogg, Lost in Translation: Explaining the Tragedy of Germany’s 1921 ‘March Action’
  • Frédéric Cyr, Re-evaluating Paul Levi’s Role: Between the KPD and the Comintern Experience
  • John Riddell, The Comintern in 1922: The Periphery Pushes Back

2. Revolutionary Transformation: Lessons of the Comintern Experience
Saturday, May 12, 2:00–3:30, Room 7
Sebastian Budgen, Chair

  • Helen Scott, Rebuilding the International: Rosa Luxemburg and the Comintern
  • John Riddell, The Workers’ Government: Fiction, Pseudonym, or Transition?
  • Lars T. Lih, From ‘Party of an Old Type’ to ‘Party of a New Type’

3. Race, Gender, Nation and Class: Translations and Transitions
Sunday, May 13, 1:00-2:30, Room 1

  • Abigail Bakan, Exploitation, Oppression and Alienation: Reading the Fourth Congress
  • Himani Bannerji, Women’s Experiences in the Pre-independence (1947) Communist Party of India: Reflections on Some Memoirs
  • Jacob Zumoff, The Black Revolutionary Movement and the U.S. Communist Party
  • Rianne Subijanto, Islamism and Marxism: Ferment of Conflict During the Time of Alliance

* John Riddell, ed., Toward the United Front, Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922, Leiden: Brill, 2012, 1310 pp., $283. Available in paperback from Haymarket Books, November 2012, $55.

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  1. Dr_Tad permalink

    These look great! So sad I can’t make it to the conference this year. All the Comintern panels I went to in London were excellent. Good on Abbie for pulling these together.

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